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Jurassic fashion is so haute right now!

 From appliques to graphic tees, the cats dominion over the fashion world may be on it's 9th life; there's a new "it" animal in town. It's time to get reacquainted with the Dinosaur, who has been brought back to life with the magic of fashion. 
Selena Gomez In Coach


Dinosaur prints are plastered all over apparel and accessories in the high-end fashion world. From Coach to Saint Laurent; you can find them on: Leggings, purses, socks, shoes, swimsuits, dresses, jewelry and more.

Lady Gaga in Saint Laurent 
Dinosaur jewelry from Céline
Alexa Chung knows the only way to party is with some dinosaur balloons.


While the high end fashion world seems to bestow much of it's favor on the tiny-armed apex predator that was the T-Rex, we here at thedinostaur.com prefer our companies president, Carnold,  the even smaller armed carnotaurus.

Carnold SchRwaRzenegger, TheDinostaur.com president

 Dinosaur jeans by Kuccia at Topshop



Let's be real, the majestic dinosaurs popularity has never gone extinct. Old or young, male or female T-Rex and his friends are loved by all...We just can't quit you, Rex.